Amy Goropoulos
Amy Goropoulos | Visual & Experience Designer


Mobile Wine Festival App. UX/UI Design/Research and prototyping.




Vin-ival is a mobile app that serves as a companion to Wine Festivals, providing an enhanced experience for attendees, vendors and event coordinators. This project was done in coordination with Springboard UX Design Workshop and pulled research done at Journal Multimedia Wine Events.



User Survey and Interviews

Using an online survey platform, I surveyed 20 wine-drinkers with differing levels of wine knowledge. The sampling included respondents from different income levels and ages, mirroring the average attendance of a wine festival. Results point to a desire for an integrated app to enhance the festival going and wine tasting experience.


User Personas

After compiling the information from the interviews and I identified several personas and used their responses to flesh out personas that could represent what users are thinking and feeling while at a wine festival and how that informs their choices and affects their overall experience.


Empathy Map

Diving into the persona's pain points and difficulties led to the creation of empathy maps and provided a look into the factors that could affect how users interact with the app. 


Card Sort

The card sort began with recruiting four users that best exemplified the likely users and personas that have been previously identified.

Certain terms ran concurrent through the test users and reinforced those classification choices, others however were shown to be labeled an entirely different word, and changes were made to that category.

With these results I created a site map that allows for easy navigation


Task Board

Deciding on the tasks that each user would utilize on the site was best visualized through the use of sticky notes. Getting the information in front of me allowed for quick changes, page organization, continuing iteration and kept a check on any tendency to add in too many features.


Site Map

Another tool I used for organization and visualization was the site map. The maps went through several rounds of changes, as features were added or dropped and user research lead the way through and around different pain points. Feedback from users also altered the way the site was organized.


User Flow

Tracing each step that a user would or could use to achieve their objective gave me a clear idea of what steps could be streamlined and help pick out places that could become trouble spots. Finding the easiest way to navigate the user around these issues became the focus. Smooth user flows in turn establish the functionality of the experience.

UI Design



Sketch first, always. I get an idea of sizing, placement and flow. I used Balsamiq for the more polished wireframes brought a nice presentation to this step. This style of wireframe production allows clients to focus on the functionality of the layout instead of focusing on specifics like font, color and art assets.


Style Guide

Creating a style guide ensures that a branding standard flows throughout the app.



Using Adobe XD, a working prototype was able to be established. Testing on a working prototype allows for further iteration.



Watch a quick video of the app in testing mode.