Amy Goropoulos
Amy Goropoulos | Visual & Experience Designer


I love designing for the user. I like to discover needs, unravel knots, set a path, craft a message…all so that in the end, the result simple, useful and memorable.


Hi there!

I’ve worn a lot of hats throughout my working career and each one of those experiences has added something to my design process.

Said process is usually enhanced with coffee, some good music and a great set of colleagues.


I was a librarian.

Along with a sweet set of bifocals on a chain, I also got a taste for information architecture and the business of classifying, organizing and prioritizing information. Guiding people through the fastest way to get the information they needed was a masterclass in research methodology.

I was a journalist

Who knows how to ask a question? This guy. Nothing makes you learn how to become an expert in any given subject faster than a last minute assignment from the city desk. Along with the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How, I learned how to talk to complete strangers and get the information that I needed, quickly, politely and it was all written down in tiny little notepads.

I am a writer.

I got my first degree in English. Use me for copy-writing, editing, dialoging, grammar, spelling. Ask me about the novel I wrote while I was going through my Bridget Jones phase. It’s also okay if you don’t want to read it.


And I am right there should you ever need:

a ringer on trivia night
a mediocre guitar player
a better than mediocre singer
a really crappy kickball player
a beer/wine tasting buddy

I am a graphic designer for every situation.

I work well in groups, I work well alone (though I prefer the group setting). I slay deadlines, even the ones that seem ridiculous. I love working with clients, especially the ones that seem ridiculous. I love the experimentation, the iteration, the refining and the bright shiny product on the other end that exceeds expectations.